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How do I make my naturally wavy/curly hair look good?

My everyday routine is to wash my hair and then put mousse and hairspray in it while it is wet and let it airdry. It is the only way I have found so far to keep from getting frizzy hair. When I blow dry it it always looks really really frizzy but when I let it airdry it always seems too flat. Anyone have any ideas on how to make my curly hair look better???How do I make my naturally wavy/curly hair look good?
instead of shampooing everyday or every other day, just do it once a week, but only use a moisturizing conditioner. use it as a shampoo and let it sit in your hair for about 5 mins. wash it out, towel dry and sparingly apply olive to just the ends of your hair. put in a bun while you go about the rest of your routine, then take your hair out of the bun before you leave your house. you hair will air dry as you go about your day, and the frizzies will be at a minimum, if not entirely gone. repeat weekly. it's ok to wash your hair once a month w/shampoo, just make sure you deep condition just the ends of your hair, not the roots.How do I make my naturally wavy/curly hair look good?
I used to use a difuser on my blow dryer and I also applied some product. I don't wear mine curly anymore. I use a ceramic flat iron to straighten my hair. Try Pureology products for straight or curly hair they are the best.
use a hair iron but not always because it can damage your hair.
I would use Frizz-Ease hair serum then lightly blow dry until 70% percent dry then use a diffuser to give it some volume. Only se a low-heat mind you to prevent the frizz.
The first and most important is to get a haircut that works with your hair and your face. Find a good hairdresser that works with naturally curly hair. The routine that you are describing is the best-it is keeping a lot of the natural oils in your hair and causing it the least amount of stress. One thing I have found that works great is the Sprunch Spray from Aussie. Hope this is helpful!
what's bad in a curly hair?

God has given you a beautiful curly hair that would suit your face?

Why do you want to change it?

Leave it the way it is. If it is uncomfortable for you, then apply a good conditioner to make it soft.
Well girl my hair is like that but i use tresemme moose and hair spray and it doesnt frizz alot but you can straighten it to! or use frizz control gel!
I also have curly hair and I live in humid Illinois. I have found that a good hair cut is imperative! A shag cut or layers I have found works best. I don't blow dry my hair hardly at all. What I do for volume is use a shine serum cut half with a little water while my hair is wet, work it through and flip my hair upside down and scrunch the holy crap out of it and then flip back up. While my hair dries I arrange curls and scrunch some more with an upward motion.

Finding a beautician can be really hard. If the hairdresser isn't very experienced with curly hair, I have came out with poodle hair more than once.

Good luck
I have long and curly hair and after suffering years of bushyness. (Mother brushed my hair with...a brush!) I discovered how to have my hair look pretty. If you have thick curly hair..never use a brush! Use a pick. It is flat with 12 teeth or whatever it is..8? Ok this is what I do...after a shower I comb out my hair to get any knots, then I put in FX Curls up gel (the tall skinny bottle, not the wide bottle) with a bit of water each squirt cuz I got a LOT of hair. This gel is not the kind that will leav your hair all hard and sticky. I put this stuff on after letting my hair dry a few minutes. Then I braid my hair and leave it braided for a day. The next day or if I fixed it up in the morning I let it loose in the evening and my hair is soft, curl defined and ooh pretty! I get compliments all the time. And check walmart its less than $4.00 a bottle. You can do this same procedure with a serum. Dont forget the braid. Oh I dont think you should wash your hair every single day. Maybe every other day or something. you need your natural oils.And no more blowdrying! Hope this helps =)

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