Thursday, October 28, 2010

How can I make my curly hair curlier?

I have naturally curly hair, but I want to make it curlier without using a curling iron. I am a brunette, and my hair is very long and thick. It is not super curly, but not wavy either. The curls are sort of loose. Any tips?How can I make my curly hair curlier?
I have curly hair too, and I realised that it dries more than straight hair, there are products but I find the usual conditioner works better than most products. After shampoo and conditioning, comb hair and then mosturise with conditioner (any conditioner will do) and natural dry it, and it dries so beautifully u will be proudHow can I make my curly hair curlier?
shampoo/ condition with the pantene natural stuff. then when it is wet brush it. then shake your hair really good (while wet) you should get tons of beautiful curls!
put gel are hairspray in it and scrunch it
Invest in a diffuser. It's a blowdryer attachment that softens the stream of air and lets your hair dry into its natural wave pattern much better than a regular blowdryer or waiting for it to air dry. If you still need a boost, put a little mousse (sp?) in and scrunch your hair as you dry it. Hope this helps :)

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